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Pink Cove Treasures

Butterfly Transparent Earrings

Butterfly Transparent Earrings

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About the artist:

Pink Cove Treasures started out as a way to celebrate myself. Even on the worst days, the right pair of earrings can brighten my whole mood. I wanted to share that little act of joy and self love with others. All treasures are handmade with love individually, unique in their own way. From quirky earrings, to elegant sets, and even practical—but still cute— mugs and incense holders, there is something for everyone. It’s hard to slow down and enjoy the little things.These treasures are for the people who deserve a little extra reminder of all the abundant love the universe has for them.

Follow the artist: 

Tiktok: @pink.cove

Instagram: @pink.cove

Twitter: @pink_cove

100% of profits will be donated to our DACA fund

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