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Adelitas Apparel x César Miguel Rivera Vega Magallón

Cesar Floral Sticker

Cesar Floral Sticker

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With the purchase of a garment/sticker from this launch you will sustain advocacy and support the work of an organization in Guadalajara that refuses to forget or let others forget "Los Olvidados"

You will support innovative, cross-border, bi-national work based in Jalisco that is demanding dignity in return.

The Border will fall. In our hearts we know this. But, until that day, we will keep working To achieve Justice for those who have been exiled.

 Here's one way, you can uplift the voices of the reported. We hope you will consider us.


How else to suppport:

You can also support the work directly via tax deductible donation:


Saludos y muchas gracias from Guadalajara Jalisco.

En solidaridad, su servidor,

César Miguel Rivera Vega Magallón

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